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Elizabeth Bushard

Elizabeth Bushard

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August 06 , 2020

| Website

Building a website should be left to the professionals, not your grandkid or nephew. A website is an important function of your business, ...
Our friends over at On The Bench recently published the below podcast and interview with our very own Louis Garcia. In it, he discusses ...

June 18 , 2019

Within your core activities of marketing, sales and service, consider what processes need some automation and optimization. What are you ...

June 04 , 2019

| Growth

We’re kind of a bunch of nerds at Media Garcia. We get excited about process maps. I mean...who doesn’t What are process maps and why use ...

May 21 , 2019

Your prospects and customers’ experience with your business are intertwined. Your customers don't ever think of themselves as a "prospect, ...

May 07 , 2019

As with most things in life, when you want to achieve something great, you have to take on a new mindset. We want you to take on a Growth ...

October 11 , 2017

| Website

As a solopreneur in today's digital world, you're more than busy operating every aspect of your small business. But you also know that an ...

May 01 , 2017

| Marketing

CEO Louis Garcia answers questions about the success and growth of Media Garcia!