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Elizabeth Bushard

Elizabeth Bushard

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June 18 , 2019

Within your core activities of marketing, sales and service, consider what processes need some automation and optimization. What are you ...

June 04 , 2019

| Growth

We’re kind of a bunch of nerds at Media Garcia. We get excited about process maps. I mean...who doesn’t What are process maps and why use ...

May 21 , 2019

Your prospects and customers’ experience with your business are intertwined. Your customers don't ever think of themselves as a "prospect, ...

May 07 , 2019

As with most things in life, when you want to achieve something great, you have to take on a new mindset. We want you to take on a Growth ...

October 11 , 2017

| Website

As a solopreneur in today's digital world, you're more than busy operating every aspect of your small business. But you also know that an ...

May 01 , 2017

| Marketing

CEO Louis Garcia answers questions about the success and growth of Media Garcia!