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E3 Education, Excellence and Equity is a non-profit that identifies and reveals the brilliance in young students that is often overlooked. E3 envisions a future where educators embrace the lived and learned experiences of each student, and value the strengths that each student brings. 

We have partnered with E3 to scale their technologies to students and adults across the world. By automating E3's marketing and sales processes, they can perform more prospecting with less time.

The Solution

Media Garcia implemented Growth Driven Design to update E3's website. 

We also built a custom surveying system using the open source tool, Lime Survey to administer E3 surveys. We also continue to analyze sets of data to see trends in student ESAT performance and make improvements to the tool.

Media Garcia is currently working with E3 to spread their message with marketing and sales automation. 

The Value

E3 now has a new technology automation system for their surveying providing freedom and ability to administer surveys easier. The automation has proved key in getting results back to teachers and students who have taken the ESAT faster. 

E3 is also able to engage with their funders and prospective event registrants through email marketing. 

"Working with Media Garcia is excellent because of their attention to the customer. They have done a great job for us to in going at my pace of learning.

What I appreciate the most is their great communication ongoing with the progress so it feels like they are right across the hall of our office when actually they are remote!"

- JuanCarlos Arauz, Founder of E3





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