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Grow Your Marketing Stack With Freemium.

It's free! It's premium!

Freemium. It's a way of doing things.
We understand at Media Garcia that your product or service is premium, but you need to get your marketing started on a budget. 

We're offering a marketing and sales package including a free Hubspot CRM subscription (that we will set up for you)! 

Here's what we have for you;

Three workshops...

  1. Marketing Strategy (3 hours)
  2. CRM & Sales (3 hours)
  3. Business Intelligence (1 hour)
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Inbound Targets Chart

Marketing Consulting...

Your three hour marketing consulting will get you;

  • SMART Goals developed
  • Buyer Persona Development
  • Content Plan
  • Content Calendar

We will define your key goals for your business' online presence, identify your ideal persona for your premium retail product and create a content plan for the next three calendar months. 

Sales & CRM...

For growing companies of any size, set the foundation for your business with a free system to build deeper relationships with contacts. From their first interaction to happy customer and beyond.

Your workshop will include:

  • Setting up your free Hubspot CRM
  • Exploring your company to better understand your sales needs and goals
  • Importing data
  • Gmail/Outlook integration
  • Lead Flow Creation

Automate your website to be your 24/7 sales representative. 

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Website Grader Screenshot

Business Intelligence...

Analyzing data is key to understanding how your marketing strategy is working for your small retail business. At Media Garcia, we also focus on emerging markets to grow and expand your business (including Hispanic/Latino markets).

With our business intelligence workshop, you will receive;

  • Website experience analysis
  • Website traffic analysis

Tell a bigger story with the data you have about your digital presence. 

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