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Media Garcia is a growth agency that optimizes and automates your businesses’ marketing and sales processes so your business can grow while gaining time back in your day.


Growth Package

A strategic partnership that delivers growth using a mix of Growth Driven Design, Inbound Marketing, Sales Enablement, and Business Intelligence. This package is for businesses looking for exponential growth. 

  • Frequent consulting
  • Built around your short and long term goals
  • Website maintenance
  • Agile
  • Results oriented
  • Long term
  • $150 / point

Starting at $2,000 / month

Project Package

Our resolution for businesses that need something done, and need it now. Projects are fixed on deliverables and time frame.

  • Fixed scope
  • Built around an end product
  • Tactics and deliverables oriented
  • Short term
  • $150 / point

Starting at $5,000 / project

We also know that all businesses are in different stages of growth with different budgets.

We've created tiers of packages to best meet your needs, no matter where you are in your journey.

Starter Package

Our jump start package for small businesses or solo-entrepreneurs. It's free tools, not free services. Leverage HubSpot's free CRM to grow your business.

  • CRM Fundamentals
  • Marketing tools
  • Aligned with your goals
  • Multiple coaching sessions
$5,000 flat fee + HubSpot CRM set-up

Membership Package

Our monthly subscription package where you receive exclusive videos sent directly to your inbox, with essential digital marketing tactics to apply to your business right away. 

  • Exclusive videos sent to your inbox
  • Digital stack knowledge
  • On-demand topics

$125 / monthly subscription

Don't get pricked by agencies with confusing or hourly pricing models.

We price our retainers to focus on the value that our services will provide you and your business (not on magical formulas or how long we ran the clock).





Ready to jump start your growth?

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