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Crowley Investment Solutions

Media Garcia empowered startup entrepreneur, Dan Crowley to step into his dream of providing financial freedom to people who want to get out of the 9 to 5 routine.

Nearly the entire prospecting experience is automated, and Dan can engage with the right leads at the right time because of lead scoring and other engagement metrics that we are tracking. Knowing who to focus on when prospecting saves Mr. Crowley a lot of time!

The Solution

  • Developed clear branding and message for Crowley Investment Solutions
  • Implemented a Growth Driven Design strategy, beginning with a launch pad website
  • Fully automated his marketing to sales pipeline to maximize his time and directly deliver value to prospects and customers

The Value

  • Consistent and authoritative branding
  • Fully responsive website 
  • Marketing and sales pipeline automation


"Media Garcia has driven my accountability and given me more time to connect with qualified leads through fully automating my marking to sales pipeline."

- Daniel Crowley, Owner of Crowley Investment Solutions




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