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Postmatic, Inc.

Postmatic, Inc. ...

  • Growth Driven Design, Business Intelligence

Empowering the Time-Strapped Solopreneur

Postmatic, Inc specializes in engineering machines for mailing solutions, including rapid stamping and printing bases and sealing solution.

Postmatic, Inc had not updated their website in over seven years and also wanted to have a better way of displaying their products.

Opportunities for Postmatic, Inc. 

  1. Website was outdated did not accurately represent their premium retail brand and engineering 
  2. Inefficient design of previous website for user experience
  3. Inability to sell seal-tight concentrate solution online

Media Garcia's Solution

  1. Implemented Growth Driven Design methodology to create a beautiful, quality website that highlighted Postmatic, Inc's products
  2. Utilized Adobe Muse to build a user-friendly and responsive website
  3. Created an e-commerce platform through Magento to sell seal-tight concentrate


Postmatic, Inc received orders and contacts for seal-tight concentrate within the first weeks of their website launch. Their website is now responsive and updated, with a timeless look that truly highlights their featured products.