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Sunspace Twin Cities

Sunspace Twin Cities ...

  • Growth Driven Design, Inbound Marketing, Business Intelligence

Empowering the Time-Strapped Solopreneur

Sunspace Twin Cities (STC) specializes in distributing and installing porch windows and sunrooms in the Minneapolis metro area.
Over the last eight years, STC has grown and built a strong base of customers across the region.

However, last year Brandon Williamson, STC CEO, realized his business had not been gaining as much traction in order for it to continue growing. Mr. Williamson knew he needed to do something different to better engage current and potential customers

Opportunities for Sunspace Twin Cities 

  1. Website was out of date and did not accurately represent their brands or services anymore. 
  2. Undefined marketing strategy with unclear ROI from efforts
  3. Limited time and capacity as a hustling solopreneur

Media Garcia's Solution

  1. Implemented a Growth Driven Design plan with SEO optimization boosting traffic from organic resources.
  2. Developed a cohesive strategy and implemented tactics to maximize business growth.
  3. Centralized and automated all marketing efforts into one tool, Hubspot.


Sunspace Twin Cities doubled their website traffic through an overhaul to their website and clearly targeting their customer's persona and design style. With the creation of new marketing strategy, STC added Pinterest to their social media stack creating a new channel of leads with 20 leads per month. The cherry on top? Sunspace Twin Cities made two sales from the first newsletter, as nurturing pas prospects led to closed business.