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Swedish Motors MN

Swedish Motors MN ...

  • Growth Driven Design, Inbound Marketing, Business Intelligence

Empowering the Time-Strapped Solopreneur

Swedish Motors MN is an independent automotive shop specializing in the care, maintenance, and service of Volvos. 

Swedish Motors owner, Justin Christenson, had his website developed by a different web company but felt that it did not accurately represent his premium brand and voice.

Opportunities for Swedish Motors

  1. Website did not accurately represent their premium retail brand and voice 
  2. Inability to schedule service appointments online
  3. Integrating pre-owned car sales feature onto website

Media Garcia's Solution

  1. Implemented a Growth Driven Design plan with SEO optimization to accurately represent the Swedish Motors brand
  2. Installed a custom plug-in to allow customers to schedule service appointments online
  3. Created an e-commerce website page to show available pre-owned Volvo's for sale


Swedish Motors MN has a website that is a brand ambassador and 24/7 sales representative. They have doubled their vehicle sales due to online promotion of available Volvos. 

Swedish Motors MN has moved on to develop a marketing strategy to grow organic traffic and targeted leads for their premium brand. In three months, Swedish Motors has tripled their amount of views of their blogs and launched their first content marketing campaign.