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We're a growth-focused agency transforming your premium retail brand



We believe in investing in communities through building small business success.


We have a deep sense of where we came from and where we are going.

Media Garcia Growth Driven Design

Growth Driven Design

Media Garcia builds responsive websites that evolve with the world of technology and marketing.
Media Garcia Inbound Marketing and Sales

Inbound Marketing & Sales

We're a Hubspot Silver partner agency that creates enticing content for your luxury retail brand to bring value to your customers and leads. 
Media Garcia Business Intelligence and Coaching

Business Intelligence

We use data to tell a story and leverage these insights to equip business leaders with information to make valuable decisions, specializing in Hispanic markets.
Media Garcia Maintenance and Support

Maintenance & Support

Media Garcia is here to build a lasting partnership with our clients; maintaining and securing your digital assets, for one.

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What our clients say

Media Garcia has done a re-design of my website along with setting up inbound marketing strategies for me. Every step of the way they have exceeded my expectations while staying within my budget and maintaining excellent communication. In a short time they have completely transformed my marketing and new business leads are pouring in. Any business looking to generate leads and customers through inbound marketing should start working with Media Garcia right now.

Brandon Williamson CEO - Sunspace Twin Cities

Louis Garcia is the most strategic and growth-focused digital marketer that I have worked with in the last 35 years. He is exceptionally intelligent, yet very humble. I rely on and value Media Garcia for their analysis, strategic planning and execution skills. They have helped me with numerous projects over the years, built a website that has engaged visitors, and have built the right solution every time. I recommend Media Garcia to anyone who wants to get grow their business through online channels.

Bob Allison Author

Working with Media Garcia is excellent because of their attention to the customer. They have done a great job for us to in going at my pace of learning. What I appreciate the most is their great communication ongoing with the progress so it feels like they are right across the hall of our office when actually they are remote!

Dr. Juan Carlos Arauz Professor and Executive Director of E3

Loved how they took the time to understand what we wanted, then went several steps further to design more than we could have asked for in a website. We've received countless compliments, direct links from the New York Times and won several "best travel blog" awards thanks to Media Garcia.

Matt Chua Travel Blogger

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From side-hustle to full-fledged agency.

Media Garcia is the dream of Mexican-born Minnesota raised, Louis Antonio Garcia.

What makes us unique...

Media Garcia Agile Media Agency

Responsive and Agile

We thrive on being an agile agency and responsive to your evolving needs.
Media Garcia Agency Growth

We Exist to Grow Your Business

We are a growth agency, fully committed to making your possibilities a reality.
Media Garcia Digital Agency 40 years retail experience

Different Backgrounds and Experiences

Media Garcia is a melange of professionals and public servants with enormous talent. One thing we have in common, over 40 years of collective retail experience.
Media Garcia Digital Media and Marketing Agency Hispanic Retail

Outsourcing With Purpose

We hire Latin American developers to empower Latinos in tech and Hispanic markets.

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