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You realize your business can grow if you increased sale productivity, but you only have so much time and money to work with! How can you bring your business to the next level of productivity without the extra resource? Fret not my friend, your problem isn't the limitation in resources, it is proficiency and efficiency

Proficiency and Efficiency 

The ability to do more with limited resources is incredibly powerful. Getting the maximum output while inputting the minimum effort required to get it is called efficiency. At Media Garcia, we’ve realized that doing things with efficiency has saved us a lot of time and money that can be redirected into prospecting new leads.

Efficiency alone isn’t enough though. Any smart business knows that to continue this strategic plan in saving time and money requires proficiency. You must be able to do efficiency well, which means you’re continuously looking for ways to maximize your resource output while the input is at the minimum level. Monitoring your progress, keeping an eye out for ways to save money and time, and then acting on those opportunities is how you get proficient at efficiency.

5 Tips for Efficiency

    1. use-defined-processes-to-increase-salesHave Processes, Multiple of them: Thriving businesses can grow exponentially because they have well-defined processes in place. They do not have a “reactive” mentality where they fumble for things as businesses come to them. Instead, they are prepared to easily move a client through their sales pipeline, making the transaction as smooth as possible. Of course, not every situation is identical, so having more than one process prepared for any given situation is a smart way to make sure you know where to go next! 

    2. use-automation-to-save-time-in-businessUse Email Sequences: Automation of repetitive tasks is incredibly useful. Thanks to technology you can automate the emails you send out to clients and customers. This will save you time from having to write one email after another and then sending them out. Create the emails with a template, schedule the dates to send them out, and let it roll. All you’d have to do afterward is monitor the responses, and depending on the responses, you can even transfer them onto a different email sequence if needed! 

      Learn more about how email sequences can help you improve your sales here! 

    3. increase-business-productivity-and-save-time-and-money.jpgUse Workflows: Like the email sequences, workflows are also automated. However, instead of just emails, they automate tasks too! Let's say that a prospect doesn’t respond to your last email after one week and you’d like to remove them from your email list. With the work flow you can have it automatically remind you to do so at the end of that week! You can also assign this task to members of your team as well.

    4. use-data-driven-decisions-in-businessUse Data to Drive Decisions: In the age of technology, data is incredibly useful. It helps businesses make targeted decisions that are more likely to guarantee an ROI. One great way to use data is to use it with your website. Sites that use Growth Driven Designs are bound to find opportunities for endless growth because they use data to guide their decisions. Having data drive your decisions enables you to take actions that were based upon solid facts. 

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    5. White woman walking with a backpack on a trailStrive for Progress: Last but not least, remember that efficiency is progressive - thanks to technology. Things will always be changing, which is why you need to be on the lookout for new things that may come by to help you become even more efficient with your time and resources. Make sure to monitor performances, identify areas where you can improve, and do this continuously because smart businesses are proficient at this in order to keep up their efficacy.

Those were the five tips that can help your business become more productive. To recap it all in simple words here’s the gist of it once more:

Being Proficient in Efficiency means you:
Save Time → Save Money → Increase Productivity

  • Use processes to avoid reactive behavior
  • Use email sequences and workflows to automate repetitive tasks
  • Make data-driven decisions to invest in what works
  • Strive for progress to continue to improve and adapt


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