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Hispanic consumers are more engaged and will respond better to content when they're meaningful to them. One way to create meaningful content is to incorporate culture into your campaign.  According Think With Google, "cultural signals such as food, family, and traditions—resonate with U.S. Hispanics online regardless of language."

Top Five Things Marketers Can Do
to make their content culturally relevant & appeal to Hispanics: 

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  •  Relevant content: as a marketer, you should appeal to their cultural sensibilities. Incorporate things that Hispanics care about and are unique to them, such as food, traditions, holidays, and family. 

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  • Visuals: the content that you create should include aspects of Hispanic culture in a tasteful and identifiable way. See the example above from a Mexican market.

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  • Language: Hispanic consumers are highly bilingual online. Creating content in Spanish and English, even if it leads to an English landing page, shows that you want to engage with your consumers.

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English or Spanish?

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  • Entertainment: music is a huge aspect of the Hispanic culture. Therefore, it's important to include relevant music and video content online that will appeal to their emotional senses.


What Does This Mean For Marketers?

In order to appeal to the U.S. Hispanic audience, it's important that you include culturally relevant elements in your brand's website and content to build trust and the foundation for a relationship. You don't need to go all out, but by taking the extra step to make some content more specific to them will drive engagement and action.

Source: Think With Google

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Louis Garcia
Post by Louis Garcia
January 22, 2018
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