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Louis Garcia

Louis Garcia
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April 10 , 2020

A message to our customers and community on COVID-19.

December 13 , 2018

Get ready for this readers. You are about to dive deep into the mind of Louis Garcia. A place where many have gone before, some have ...

July 02 , 2018

There is a dizzying amount of data created at every moment. I'm writing this article while sitting at a picnic table in the woods of Wild ...
When was the last time you took a break from thinking about your business? I've met with numerous entrepreneurs who have a constant ...
Duluth Reader Publication PUBLISHED: Wednesday Jun. 14th, 2017
Pioneer Press Publication PUBLISHED: November 28, 2016

February 20 , 2018

| Marketing

Over the past few years, Instagram has become the new way to for businesses to showcase their brand, content, and services. However, it has ...

February 19 , 2018

The results are starting to come in from my effort on living out the strategies and tactics of the 12 Week Year, a book by Brian P. Moran ...

January 22 , 2018

| Marketing

Hispanic consumers are more engaged and will respond better to content when they're meaningful to them. One way to create meaningful ...

January 17 , 2018

| Marketing

In a survey done by Think with Google, 70% of respondents said it's important for a website's content to be culturally relevant when ...