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Advancing the sale through prospecting is tough when you don't know how to build a relationship. Prospects want to work with real people. In this sales networking blog you'll learn a little more than the usual sales steps. Learn to build relationships that last!

Building Relationships Through Prospecting

Okay, so let do this. How do you build relationships with your potential customers? When looking at the whole scope of things, it brings me back to three simple words. Inspire, motivate, and empower. It all begins with communication. Let me share with you something that I have learned to be of immense value. It is how to hone in on your listening skills.

We must pay attention to understand rather than to come up with what will be said next. Sounds simple, right? But it is not because we all know that’s what we do. We get caught up in a conversation, and you’re looking for what you're going to answer and how good you want to sound. Instead of listening to understand and comprehend what's honestly going on.



As you start getting into your five W's, you'll begin to understand and learn their pain points and what inspires them to take action. Then you can start encouraging them to make the change. Help your prospect identify the problem that they need to resolve. At times, all they see are the challenges that get in their way. All of the things are stopping them from making their goals a reality. Begin to inspire them by adding value through solutions. Assist them in seeing that they have the power to make things better. Lastly, share how you will do it. Focus on the outcomes. 

When you look at my field of work and the solution I offer. I save business owners time by automating their systems. I provide strategies to help them define their processes. Time is irreplaceable, so they find relief in knowing that their sales automation will give them time back in their day. The silent salesperson is what we call it. 



The next step I look at is to motivate. After you find a way to inspire people you can make them do just about anything but after that you have to drive them. You must stay in communication with them. Cadance for prospecting attempts is four attempts in 10-12 days as stated in the Inbound Sales Training

Staying connected is the tough part. How do you stay connected without overdoing it? We all know too well how prospects go cold, especially after you send out the proposal. They get busy, you don't hear from them and things don't get accomplished.

Why, You ask? Well, what I have experienced is that they get caught up. Somewhere in your sales pipeline, the ball gets dropped. You must have a defined sales process if you are remotely interested in saving these deals.

What if they did not have clear instructions? The right tools or information to get your request accomplished? Did you set them up for success or failure? Did you check in or call? 

Okay, okay. I know I'm coming off a little stiff there, but it's accurate. That's where the lines get blurred, you lose the connection, the relationship and trust you have earned up until now.

Offer your assistance. Hey, I'm available, how can I be of assistance in helping you accomplish this? What can I make available to you? What is missing? The more value you add, the more people will begin to trust you and respect you. They will know that you are on their side to support them in accomplishing their goals. Motivating is a huge part! 



How do we empower? You know what they say you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make them drink. What I am emphasizing is that you can give people all the steps necessary to take action but if they don't understand they are never going to be able to do what you are asking them to do.

Another thing that comes to mind when I look at empowering people is to build them up. Show the successes they have had along the way. What did you discover through the process? Remind them to strive for progression, not perfection. My favorite quote, anyone that knows me can tell you that.

Climb those big mountains! As you are working towards their goals, help them see the progress they have made along the way. Did you stop and take a pause and smell the roses? Help them take a look at how far they have come before you continue to go forward. Empowerment comes from that.

I can see your potential. I can see what you are capable of and more. You can get anything accomplished that you want to. Be a cheerleader or a coach. Let them know, I'm going to be your cheerleader when you need a fan and your coach to be tough on you when you need it, but I'm going to be here every step of the way. That's what builds those great relationships.

For me to hear someone say, "I want to work with them!" That is music to my ears because I know they believe in me and what I am going to do to help them be successful.

Do you have a defined sales process? Need help?


Shahbaz Shah
Post by Shahbaz Shah
July 2, 2018
Shahbaz is a master communicator, connector, and people cultivator. He listens for the unsaid and takes a stand for what will make a difference in their business. A firm believer in the BNI Core Values and philosophy of Givers Gain®, Shahbaz lives by the following five words: Relationships are all there is. In his pursuit of building relationships and empowering people, Shahbaz helps all business owners grow their customer base and increase revenue. Using Media Garcia’s CRM onboarding tool Hubspert, Shahbaz works with businesses to harness the power of HubSpot tools. When clients work with Shahbaz, they can expect to get to the root of their operational and marketing challenges and build solutions that empower them to grow their businesses long-term. An incredible educator and mentor, Shahbaz is passionate about cultivating people and strives to provide value and knowledge to every professional he meets. A great way to make an introduction for Shahbaz is to ask the professionals in your life, “How do you track your contacts?” or “Who does your marketing?”