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    How to Know What Processes to Optimize in Your Business

    Posted by Elizabeth Bushard on June 18 , 2019
    Elizabeth Bushard

    Within your core activities of marketing, sales and service, consider what processes need some automation and optimization.

    What are you currently doing/using to provide a great experience to prospects and customers? Do you have trouble sending marketing emails to your lists? Do you have a contact form for collecting requests when you could have a bot, as well?

    Key Process Areas to Optimize

    Take some time sitting with your processes and identify where tasks are:

    • Manual Tasks
    • Repetitive Tasks
    • Person Dependent Tasks
    • Outside applications that could be integrated
    • Or if you have a wide variety of different applications that can be consolidated
    • Examine tasks for waste in time or resource

    What's the next step?

    The are opportunities to optimize and automate what you are doing. Are there opportunities to eliminate steps or consolidate efforts? Remember, keep it simple!

    Write out a high level list of activities that you could perform to optimize your processes. Rank them by priority and delegate the optimization efforts to people on the team (or to yourself if you are a team of 1).

    Quick Tip: Pick one task and start from there.

    Trying to automate all your processes and tasks at once can be overwhelming and messy. Focusing on one key task at a time, while it might take more time to get all your processes automated, will save you the effort in the long run.

    Unsure where to start? Book a quick chat with us to ask.