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Here at Media Garcia, we understand the beautiful balance between faithfully representing your brand and generating leads for your business. Focusing on creating an amazing title for your blog posts can draw in readers and leads who appreciate your work and creativity.

Yes - people do judge a book by it’s cover. If your offer is a piece of content, such as a blog, put effort into creating an amazing title. Think of your blog post title as a tool to communicate to readers and future leads the possibilities you can create for them.


Need convincing?

For an experiment, inbound marketing experts HubSpot changed the title of an ebook and ran an A/B test to see which one would perform better. They took the original title “The Productivity Handbook for Busy Marketers” and changed it to “7 Apps That Will Change the Way You Do Marketing.”


As you can see, the revised version outperformed the original by 776% at generating leads (first time submissions). Not only that, but it resulted in more customers as well. Utilizing search engine optimization for your blog title will generate more leads to your blog, and thus your website.


How do you jumpstart your boring titles to creative titles?

  1. Be Specific: When creating your blog post title, be specific and let readers know exactly what you are offering them. As seen in the above example, the new title offered a specific piece of content to apply to their marketing strategies. Let your creativity and knowledge shine within the content itself. Most of the time, readers are only going to skim the content of your blog post
  2. Keep it Simple: Create your title into something you would tell a client or a friend. Write like you would speak. When potential leads are searching for content to help their business, they utilize search engines as a sounding board. People naturally use search engines to ask questions they would ask aloud in regular conversation, rather than disjointed keywords.
  3. Know Your Audience: And most importantly, know your audience! Have questions clients have frequently asked you about? Have an expertise you have mastered in your field? Share it! (Or at least enough to engage an audience.) Catering to the needs of your ideal lead is important to reeling them in.


At a loss for words?

Try searching answers to a common problem your business has solved for clients. Most likely, other people have had the same question and sought answers. What you want is for your blog and creativity to be their answer! Utilize the question potential leads might be asking that you could answer for them in your blog.


Looking for more help?

If you’re struggling to come up with the perfect headline, try using the Headline Analyzer Tool by Advanced Marketing Institute at http://www.aminstitute.com/headline/

Or contact for more ideas! We can offer consultations on targeting your blog posts to future leads and focusing on creating marketing strategies that highlight your unique business.

Like the tool used to test titles in our post? Media Garcia also offers Hubspot Inbound Marketing services! Schedule a quick chat to learn more...




Louis Garcia
Post by Louis Garcia
November 13, 2016
I am an urban adventurer who loves to discover new places, meet larger than life personalities, and solve complex problems. I founded and started my business, Media Garcia, as a side hustle the early 2010s and it went from a small underdog website development business to a bold and beautiful growth agency. I free time-strapped entrepreneurs by discovering the friction and pain points in their business processes and optimize and automate where needed. Grow better with less effort.