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According to the Pew Research Center, the Latino population in the United States has reached nearly 58 million in 2016 and has been the principal driver of U.S. demographic growth, accounting for half of national population growth since 2000.

It's likely that you'll have more Hispanics in your potential customer base than you think and you should be using that to your advantage in your marketing strategy.

Interesting Data Points

To Help Your Business Reach A Hispanic Audience Online

  • The U.S. Hispanic population was estimated to reach $1.5 trillion in buying power in 2015, a 50% increase from 2010.
  • Search is the top online resource used by U.S. Hispanics for gathering information about a purchase, and many of these searches are done on mobile.
  • Consumers favor online sources over family, radio, and TV when it comes to gathering information about something they're considering buying.
  • Among Hispanics who recall seeing online ads, 93% take action — whether that's performing a search, visiting a company's website, or making a purchase.
  • Hispanic consumers are highly bilingual online. Check out our blog post on whether to use English or Spanish when marketing to Hispanics online.

Source: Think With Google

How to Use These Trends In Your Marketing Strategy 

To Get Ahead In 2018...

  • Connect with this tech-savvy audience on the devices they're using the most. We recommend that your content is optimized for mobile devices.
  • Hispanics are projected to become a key target group for many industries. Keep your team updated with relevant content across all media platforms and devices.
  • Include culturally relevant elements in your brand's website. It can make them more appealing and help drive engagement.
Below are some examples of how we have added culturally relevant content to our website. We also include other culturally relevant elements that help build our brand identity such as colorful skulls (see the top of blog), plants that are native to Mexico, and even our brand colors come from an Aztec pattern. Check out our website to see how we incorporated all of these in a cohesive way.

Screenshot 2018-01-10 16.04.12.pngThe famous Chichen Itza Mayan Aztec Temple in Mexico.

Screenshot 2018-01-10 16.14.29.pngYou will find native Mexican plants sprinkled around our website and other branded materials.

   Screenshot 2018-01-10 16.10.46.png

Colorful décor from a Mexican market, the key here is color. Not only does Mexico resonate with bright colors, it also fits in with our company brand. Don't force something to fit, only use it if it makes sense.

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Sources: Pew Research Center & Think With Google

Louis Garcia
Post by Louis Garcia
January 12, 2018
I am an urban adventurer who loves to discover new places, meet larger than life personalities, and solve complex problems. I founded and started my business, Media Garcia, as a side hustle the early 2010s and it went from a small underdog website development business to a bold and beautiful growth agency. I free time-strapped entrepreneurs by discovering the friction and pain points in their business processes and optimize and automate where needed. Grow better with less effort.